Saturday, March 19, 2011

well where do we begin to catch up?....hmmmm

So much has been going on in both knitting and briefly I'll recap...then some pics to follow.
Knitting has been a blast. We finished the lovely "vent d'est vent d'ouest" cowl for the Miss Babs Knit Along in Feb. Pics are up on the"hillbillyknitter"page on Ravelry but they will be posted here as well. As soon as this lovely lace was finished, I ended up wearing/needing it all that week for wind, rain, and snow. A very happy knit.
Also, we took a trip to FL in mid-Feb and my darling SIL fell in LOVE/LUST with both my Happy Mitts and MerleFest shawl. keep her from sneaking these away, I knit her some happy mitts of her own while there(all in a week on size 2's but the things we do for love) and still working on her own version of MerleFest shawl (feather and fan) only in a washable FL-friendly acrylic micro-fiber rather than a warm wool such as MINE. :)
Also have begun the Charvet Pullover featured in the Winter 2010 IK (Interweave Knits). This sweater is knit on the bias and the pattern design is BRILLIANT! While in FL, I visited a lovely YS in Cocoa-thinking it's called Sit and Stich but I may have that backwards..I will find out and correct's on that receipt for that EPIPHANY yarn I purchased...don't ask the price/cost and I won't have to lie! Anyway, this is the yarn on the needles for Charvet.
So on to music-I LOVE MY DOBRO! and my Thursday night lessons with Randy via Skype. He started off showing me the right and left hand and finger and thumb picks..along with the basic C-major scale and the very cool blues scale. Then he showed me a song..Flatt Lonesome by Lester Flatt and Josh Graves. OMG! Each week I get a little more of this song..or at least a little more to learn. This is not an easy instrument to learn to play but it's the most fun to try. I am learning some of the infinite expressions this crazy thing has and it's got a wacky sense of humor to boot! I only wish my poor Bubba cat didn't hate it so when I play. It must be the tone of the twang to his sensative ears..but he runs to the door just a-whining. Sorry Bubba..I felt bad while it was snowing and blowing but it's nice out..guess what! I'm going to play some. hehehe. So I think that's about it. More as I think of it and pics for sure. ~n~

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