Saturday, January 22, 2011

Miss Babs Knit-A-Long (KAL)

this beauty starts a week from today! Yes we are joining the fun.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

flower power happy mitts

originally named Floyd Fest Happy Mitts as they were cast on while riding in the back seat of the Pasley Trailblazer en route to Floyd,VA in late July 2010-a very hot day but what an amazing festival. Using my newish BlackBerry, I found a YouTube on picot cast-on. Well, we finished the first mitt and like all projects that require a second ( I suffer from SSS**second sock syndrome**) this is JUST continuing now. The lovely yarn is Wollmeise 100% Merino Superwash in the colorway of FLOWER POWER! Now this is HAPPY KNITTING!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

and here is the snow!

this is where we like to knit by the campfire! LOL

blizzards and frogs...

And what would these have in common? Well, blizzards allow us to dig into our UFO's and decide if they will become FO's or be recycled via the FROG POND. This is actually a healthy release of useless engery being tied up in a project that isn't working. So suffice it to say, we are hearing the lovely "rip it, rip it" during this latest blizzard. And NO this didn't come about without some angst-for the "drama" go to Nancy's knitting page for the juicy details. In the meantime, here are some WAY CUTE finished items called "Jessie Poo Pie's Baby Booties". ( I did not give her this name)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

musical musing

After reading this last post, I realized I found the name I've been seeking for my lovely resonator guitar-she shall be named Grace. She makes my heart happy with her sweet sounds. We now have Grace, Sunshine and Freedom.

Saturday and snowed in...

WOW! No pressure today. Not even in knitting. Have you noticed that feeling when between projects? At first it's like I just HAVE to get something cast on-there is an urgency-but if I just dabble at something else, that urgency gives way to a peaceful "AH, I can do whatever I want to today" :-)
OK, I am finishing up the 2nd of Jessie Poo Pie's baby booties{note I didn't give her this name}and since they only used 1 skein of the Paton's Grace, I will look into making a matching hat-later.
And I want to continue working on Amazing Grace on the dobro using the cool things I was shown in my lesson Thursday night.
And I want to work on Blackberry Blossom on Sunshine{name of my accoustic}
And I might just have to fire up Freedom {Fender Strat} and make some happy noise there.
And there is soup to make upstairs.
And we have movies to watch.
And if the wind lays down, we are going outside to take a BIG WALK in the deep snow.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

to do list....

practice keeping my ring finger down on the strings behind the slide while doing hammer-on's and pull-off's...and...
wind some of that lovely Misti Alpaca cotton/silk in that amazing papaya shade for swatching the next project..which is very likely to be the....
Ann Norling Perfect Tee!
Now that's a happy to do list.

lil wallaby

ready for lil Brett :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

a musical musing...

We are starting back our guitar lessons with Randy via the magic of Skype tomorrow night when we get home from work. Also going to learn to play that dobro! WOHOO! Stay tuned....

a place for everything

And since we can't really knit or even live without the dreaded 'drama', we now have a place for that too! Check out Nancy's knitting page over on Facebook. It's a cyber SnB since there is not really an active one in our area at this time. I am hoping my former SnB'ers will participate heartily! Also, there is a collaberative site in the works that will combine the energies once again of NC (me) and AK (Rebecca)! I am so excited about this as this energy really fuels mine. Happy Knitting everyone!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

all done knitting..except

for the hood.

Ravelry is such a fun site to play on

keeping in mind this is a "drama-free" zone, I shall not whine-but I could not find this blog on my Ravelry page. After reading the tutorials on how to make this happen, I began looking at what are called the UGH! projects. Now I know where to go when I need a great laugh or inspiration to ditch a project that just isn't working! ROFL!(we are certain to have some to add)

a little but wonderful wallaby in process

since it's rained and thawed all day, it's not been the best outdoor day-so it's been movie marathon and knitting. (a most relaxing way to spend any gloomy day IMHO)
we attached the sleeves and are almost to the neck opening. CUTE!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

just an early new year's day musing....

this year I will NOT be a yarn snob! If the yarn is suitable for the project and the recipient-be it me or someone else-I will not shun it because it's from Michael's or NOT from some over-priced yarn store or web site.
As my VBF just said: "if it works, use it!"
Now with that said, this small version of the Wonderful Wallaby I'm now knitting for young Brett J. (aged 2) is being knit of an acrylic yarn purchased at Michael's called Impeccable from Loops and Threads. 192 lovely yards of some really nice, soft, washable, wearable, acrylic yarn for $2.50/skein. It's knitting well, and I KNOW it will wear as well.
I still love luxury fibers and yarns, and have some wonderful stash awaiting my needles. I've spent some serious $$$ on these as well. I do NOT know how they will knit, or wear and DO know the care of whatever I knit of them will have to be "hand wash and rinse with cool water and very gently, be sure to not wring and lay flat to dry". Fine sometimes. Not fine all the time.
just an early new year's day musing....back to knitting.