Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday and snowed in...

WOW! No pressure today. Not even in knitting. Have you noticed that feeling when between projects? At first it's like I just HAVE to get something cast on-there is an urgency-but if I just dabble at something else, that urgency gives way to a peaceful "AH, I can do whatever I want to today" :-)
OK, I am finishing up the 2nd of Jessie Poo Pie's baby booties{note I didn't give her this name}and since they only used 1 skein of the Paton's Grace, I will look into making a matching hat-later.
And I want to continue working on Amazing Grace on the dobro using the cool things I was shown in my lesson Thursday night.
And I want to work on Blackberry Blossom on Sunshine{name of my accoustic}
And I might just have to fire up Freedom {Fender Strat} and make some happy noise there.
And there is soup to make upstairs.
And we have movies to watch.
And if the wind lays down, we are going outside to take a BIG WALK in the deep snow.

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