Sunday, August 7, 2011

I think it's time for some new strings for the reso

yep that sounds like a really good idea


  1. New strings for some new step in this journey perhaps? I'm so ashamed of myself to have just now gotten on this site to 'follow' & 'respond' to, Nancy. I'm so deeply touched by what you've shared & my heart reaches out to you with so much love & support & caring. I can't even begin to imagine what you've gone through & continue to go through with your loss. You son's pictures are captivating - his spirit resonates through the photos & you can just feel what a happy & special young man he was ... must've been lots of fun. I want you to know how much I appreciate your sharing him with us & I hope you know how much I care and am here for you always. I keep you in my prayers & will add this 'new journey' in a special intention. Do whatever you need/want to do for yourself in order to get where you want/need to be. You're an amazing woman who's endured so much ... your strength & faith inspire me. Love you.

  2. thank you LadyBug. I so appreciate your kindness and caring words and it's so ok if you aren't posting here. Goodness we jabber via email, FB, and BBerry chat so we're connected. And yes the new strings are the medicine of today. This sudden shift in this blog's content is a result of the bursting of the dam. There was simply no stopping this. What began as making private journal notes became the much-needed release of emotions that had been stored pretty deep. To be able to make them this public has been the "work". To allow others to even speak Danny's name and view his pictures was not something I was willing to allow for a very long time. I suppose it was an attempt to protect him-his dignity-his reputation-his story. He was not a drug addict. He was an extreme personality and he was sure he was Super Man and totally immortal as most handsome young men feel. He was 6'7" and had the deepest voice and brightest smile and dancing eyes. And he LOVED and respected his family. I'm proud to share him now. Being able to do this is the result of all the love and encouragement from you and everyone else. I see myself as a lucky woman to have such dear and sincere friends. Danny is and has always been right next to me. He is not gone. LOVE NEVER DIES.