Wednesday, August 3, 2011

no apologies....

as I begin my descent back to hell..and if this bothers anyone..oh well! I am fully armed and protected and not afraid of this journey. In fact I awoke to the most beautiful and haunting melody in my head and heart this morning..and it was Grace's voice..and as thrilled as I was and attempted to get up and capture it..sleep took me back even deeper..and now it's just a knowing. This is the work..the music follows the work.

so here's the plan..go back and find the pain...feel it and heal it. those who know me can hear the nancy-ism.." hard can that be...let's do it!". It's easier to do this 3rd person for the purpose of the journal is in first person and pretty darn raw..not anything I'm willing to share in that format.

first order of healing is this raging fire of anger..and it's not your basic cranky's the most pissed off anger if nancy bites your head off and hands it to you..just put it back on yourself..she can't fix anyone else right now..she's working on her own self.

nancy felt like broken glass all day yesterday...and a dear dear friend who is encouraging this healing work just gently suggested she make stained glass.


  1. I love stained glass. Amazing and beautiful.

  2. no apologies necessary Nancy!

    As long as you derive inner help and comfort from anything, keep it. ~Gandhi