Thursday, August 4, 2011

sucker punches I have known...

oh nance, we are sooo sorry to hear about your boy..if there is anything we can do just let us know, ok..oh by the way, did you hear our daughter is getting married this year?

so what all did he take? didn't you know he was an addict?

sometimes I would give up my firstborn in a heartbeat!

oh honey you just go ahead and cry..just let those little old tears just come pouring out.

was it suicide? are you sure it wasn't suicide? how can you be sure it wasn't suicide?

you seem down today..what's the matter?

sure can't wait till you get back to normal!

you need to get past this and get on with your life!

well at least you had him as long as you did.


  1. I guess I was lucky all those people ignored me at the supermarket. I know they just didn't know what to say...and certainly didn't want to have me burst into tears, which even a sensitive hand on the shoulder sometimes elicited. How horrible to hear any one of these comments, Nancy. Down today - what's the matter? Unbelievable!

    Are these kinds of comments diminishing now? One of my favorite replies to some questions for some of the rude, insensitive questions, "I'll forgive you for asking, if you'll forgive me for not answering."


  2. Got that last paragraph kind of garbled. My emotions coming into play, I suspect. Anyway, what I meant to say: One of my favorite replies to rude, insensitive questions: "I'll forgive you for asking, if you'll forgive me for not answering."

  3. I have to admit I love your Bird by Bird name. It puts a smile on my face. Thanks again Joan for all your support and encouragement. Yes, it's gotten better but as you know there is still the occasional surprise remark or question, even now. I like your approach. It's all that needs to be said and it educates as well.