Tuesday, August 9, 2011

some music and some knitting today....

music is sweeter with new strings..
some time to work on some things I don't know
some time to work on some things I know a little
some time to work on some things I know and really enjoy

knitting is always a haven..well almost always
the great Annis knit-out is continuing
I have 1 finished and 1 about midway
Rebecca has 1 off the needles and 1 about midway
that's 4 by my count!

The pics will wait till we can post them all together

and my heartbeat today is steady..August is a busy month at the Prayer Registry which has the children registered by their "death-dates". Looking at the pictures of these faces is so grounding for me. Holding these families in my heart in healing meditation is healing for me. Writing to the families and to the one's who've gone on is strengthening me. As we approach what would have been Danny's 34th birthday, we honestly feel we are in a better, stronger frame of heart and mind than we've been for the last 5.

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  1. I admire you for your bravery and what you are doing... and I love you, praying daily for you. You go, girl!