Sunday, August 14, 2011


are good for us and my TBA read mentioned black beans, red (kidney beans), and pea beans. David loves Western NY style baked beans made with navy/pea beans. This is NOT your southern BBQ, tomato based Pork 'n Beans. Nope, this is just beans cooked way down before adding butter-a goodly amount of butter-like a whole stick of butter-and a heaping helping of brown sugar-did I mention "heaping helping"? Some salt and pepper and then bake it down. It's awesome! He eats it cold on white bread with more butter (it's all about the butter in the Ikeler clan). I'll post a picture of this when it's out of the oven. Right now it's still simmering on the stove.

TBA read also suggested that I eat more chicken. Makes me laugh and think of a roadside billboard for a popular fast food place. I would have thought more seafood or less meat completely. But this was a strong point so a lovely chicken is going on the rotisserie today as well.

David is interested in a TBA session. It will be interesting to discover what musical tone he resonates to as well as the foods that support his health and well-being. I would also love to learn everyone of my friend's and family's musical resonance. It somehow puts us all in a song. What chords are we forming? Who are the dissonant tones in my song?

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